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Slackjaw Bros. News

The Slackjaw Bros. are pleased to announce the availability of their new CD, "Wakin' Up Dead." Click / tap the CD cover below to learn more!

Wakin' Up Dead CD

Click/tap the CD cover below to learn more about The Slackjaw Bros. "Almost Live" CD.

Almost Live CD


Who are the Slackjaw Bros.?

The Slackjaw Bros. are us, Brother Tom and Brother Ray, who aren't brothers by birth, but friends and musicians who collaborate musically to revive songs of past eras, such as the American Civil War, pioneer days, and the Old West.

Long time students of American history, we are among the original members of Terry's Texas Rangers, a Civil War re-enacting group that was formed nearly 30 years ago and is still active today. You can often find us on the battlefields or in camps at local re-enactment events, portraying soldiers or speaking with the public about the soldiers we portray.

In 2009 we recorded our first CD, "Almost Live," performing songs from the 1700s to 1800s. These traditional American tunes, arranged and performed by us, express our enthusiasm for the material in a fresh and vibrant way.

In 2020 we released our latest CD, "Wakin' Up Dead," bringing you more favorite tunes from the past centuries, with new instrumentation added in the mix.

We hope you will enjoy perusing the pages at this site and will have a glimpse at our joy in sharing our interpretation of classic American music with the public.